Terms and Conditions

Please go over these terms and conditions before proceeding to our website and using our services.

Interpretations and Definitions

Definitions and Understanding

Terms that have been capitalized in this document are established definitions as mentioned below. Whether they’re used in singular or plural form, these terms will retain the same meaning.


‘Affiliate’ refers to a party that shares common control with, has control over, or is controlled by another party. Here, control refers to owning 50 percent equity or more.

‘Account’ means any individual account that’s made to give the user access to the Virtual Broker Bot platform.

‘Nation’ refers to the country of Singapore.

‘Terms’ are the terms of service that comprise the agreement between the user and company.

‘External Digital Media Solutions’ refers to any content like data, products, services, or utilities that were provided by an external entity and made accessible via Virtual Broker Bot.

‘Website’ is the Virtual Broker Bot platform, which can be accessed through this web address.

‘You’ refers to any individual engaging with the company or legal entity.


Specific requirements and agreements dictate how users interact with the service. These rules determine the contract between the user and the organization. The agreements outline the rights and responsibilities of users.

Any engagement with the platform is subject to agreement with the provided Terms and Conditions. The Terms are applicable to all visitors, users, and other parties who use the platform’s features.

Individuals using this service must adhere to these Terms. Users who cannot adhere to these Terms are advised to refrain from using the Service.

You, the user, acknowledge that you are aged 18 years and above. The Virtual Broker Bot platform doesn’t authorize users below the age of 18.

By using the Virtual Broker Bot platform, you acknowledge that you agree to the Virtual Broker Bot Privacy Policy. The purpose of the Virtual Broker Bot Privacy Policy is to define approaches and measures for gathering and sharing user data. This data is collected whenever you use the platform and application.

User Registration

By failing to provide accurate data while registering for an account, users violate the Terms of Agreement. It can result in immediate account deactivation.

Users are responsible for protecting their passwords and not sharing them with third parties. If you suspect that someone has gained unauthorized access to your account, inform Us as soon as possible. Individuals registering with the Platform are prohibited from using someone else’s identity. It is also a crime to use any other name or trademark without taking permission.

Intellectual Property Protections

The Virtual Broker Bot Platform and its attributes and content are the property of Virtual Broker Bot and its licensors.

The Virtual Broker Bot Service is protected by copyright, trademark, and other regulations. Virtual Broker Bot strictly adheres to regulations under domestic and international jurisdictions.

Links To Other Websites

The Virtual Broker Bot Platform may have links to other websites and external services that aren’t under the ownership of Virtual Broker Bot.

Virtual Broker Bot cannot be held liable for the privacy policies, practices, or content on any of these websites. Acknowledgement of the Terms implies that Virtual Broker Bot will not be held responsible for any damages or loss caused by relying on the content of these websites.


Virtual Broker Bot has the right to discontinue or suspend users’ accounts without giving prior notice. Suspension can be for any suitable reason, especially if users are in violation of the Terms of Agreement. Once suspended, access to the platform will be discontinued. You may stop using the Service to deactivate your account.

Limitation of Liability

If a User suffers any losses via the Virtual Broker Bot Platform, Virtual Broker Bot’s accountability is limited to $100 or the sum paid by the individual through the service.

In compliance with present regulations, Virtual Broker Bot will not be responsible for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. Some jurisdictions don’t permit the omission of presumed guarantees. Therefore, some of the above-mentioned stipulations may not be applicable. Here, Virtual Broker Bot’s liability is limited to the extent permitted by the jurisdiction.

‘As Is’ and ‘As Available’ Disclaimer

Virtual Broker Bot is provided to Users ‘as is,’ inclusive with all faults and defects, and without warranties. Virtual Broker Bot represents itself to renounce all implied and expressed warranties. This includes warranties regarding merchantability. Virtual Broker Bot doesn’t guarantee that that the Service will address your requirements, provide desired results, or offer reliability.

Certain jurisdictions don’t permit businesses to omit specific warranties. Therefore, few of the restrictions will not be applicable to you. Under such circumstances, omissions will be implemented to the extent permitted under relevant laws.

Governing Laws

The Terms are subject to the Nation’s laws and regulations. Users’ engagement with the Virtual Broker Bot Platform may also be subject to other regional or international rules.

Conflict Resolution

If a User has any queries or disagreements regarding the Service, they should try to address it through informal means through alternative dispute resolution.

Virtual Broker Bot Users Based in EU

If you are an EU resident, any complaint is subject to the provisions of regional regulators.

US Legal Compliance

By engaging with this Service, you acknowledge that you

  • Don’t live in a country that is presently facing an embargo by the US
  • Don’t live in a country that the US government labeled as terrorist-supporting country
  • Are not on the list of banned individuals by US government

Changes or Alterations To The Terms of Agreement

Virtual Broker Bot has the right to change these Terms and Conditions as needed. If a revision is required and will have a major effect on Users’ activities, Virtual Broker Bot will use proper measures to give them a 30-day notice before implementing new Terms. What constitutes a significant impact is dependent on the Platform’s discretion.

If You continue to use the Service after the changes come into effect, it implies that You consent to following the new Terms. Users who disagree with the new Terms can refrain from using the Service. It’s recommended to continue checking the Terms to see if there have been any changes.

Contact Us

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