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What we do

As a premier trading platform, Virtual Broker Bot puts a much greater emphasis on improving everyone’s trading experience. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced trader, there is something to help everyone.

Posting Comments

All users can leave comments on the website that can become visible to other users. There is a verification process that all comments have to go through first, where Virtual Broker Bot verifies whether the comment is spam or not. For that reason, we will check the IP address of the commenter as well as their browser identification details.

Each user will receive a unique coded sequence when they sign up, which will help them see if the avatar is a real person. After performing this thorough check and verifying the authenticity of the account, the comment will go live for everyone else to see. The comment will be accompanied by their name and their image.

Media without Geographical Data

You should be careful when adding images or other types to the Virtual Broker Bot website, especially if they have some geographical information embedded within. Individuals can download these types of images along with the information that they have inside. Be sure to check the media that you upload to Virtual Broker Bot, as it could get into the hands of bad actors.

Cookie Policy

Signing in with Virtual Broker Bot also allows you to save all of your login details, saving you from the hassle of learning them. By enabling these cookies, your name, email address, and password will automatically fill in every time you open up the website.

The first of the cookies that you will see will first check if your browser is compatible with other cookies. It does not save any information from the browser you are using, and you can erase it completely by closing your browser.

Virtual Broker Bot also uses different cookies to enhance the website’s visuals. These cookies stay in the user’s browser for about one year. Other cookies include variants that save your sign-in details and remain in the system for two days. If you select the ‘keep me signed in’ option, the cookies will stay in your browser for two weeks. When you sign out, any sign-in cookies are removed.

Content from other websites and platforms

The Virtual Broker Bot website carries content from other platforms and websites. This content can include interactive content such as images, graphics, and written content that’s used to inform users. Integrated content functions the same way as it does on the origin website.

Any third-party content integrations use cookies to collect user data on how individuals interact with the Virtual Broker Bot website, as well as how you use each integration. Keep in mind that cookies that track how you engage with the service are only activated when you sign into your account.

When we check users’ IP addresses

The Virtual Broker Bot platform only sees users’ IP addresses when they send a request to change their password. To ensure a successful password change, the alteration request email will also carry the user’s IP address.

How long do we keep user data

When users leave any comments on the Virtual Broker Bot website, the platform retains the comment and its metadata indefinitely. The purpose of keeping this data is to validate and identify other comments that are left by the same user. This way, their comments don’t have to go through a moderation queue.

Users’ rights over their data

If you’re an Virtual Broker Bot user, you can ask for any and all records of your user information. In this exported document, you will find all the data you provided to the platform, including personal information. Users can also request that their information be deleted once they discontinue usage of the service.

Where your information goes

If you leave a comment while using the platform, your metadata will be processed via an automatic spam identification device.